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Spring 2005

Lace Tops

Size Range: S-M-L-XL

Available Colors: White, Black, Sage, Taupe

lt 3915 capsleeves raglan 1x12.jpg

lt 3905 dbl front tank top marrow edge with slit 1x12.jpg 



LT 3915 Capsleeves Raglan Marrow Edge

LT 3905 Double Front Tank Top Marrow Edge

      3925 Cindy Tank Top V Neck Mesh Trim

LT 3051 Round Neck Capsleeves Double Front

lt 3915 capsleeves raglan marrow edge 1x1.jpg

lt 3905 dbl front tank top marrow edge with slit 1x11.jpg

 3925 cindy tank top v neck mesh trim 1x1.jpg

lt 3051 round neck capsleeves dbl front 1x11.jpg

Note:RL 3825 & RL 3805 are Denim Friendly Fabric

( 50% Polyester, 45% Rayon, 5% Spandex)

3076 3-4 slvs v neck dbl front lace 1x12.jpg




3076 3/4 Sleeves V Neck Double Front

3831 3/4 Sleeves Boat Neck Double Front Lace

      RL 3825 Poly Rayon V Neck Lace Long Sleeves

RL 3805 Poly Rayon Tank Top Lace

3076 3-4 slvs v neck dbl front lace 1x1.jpg

3831 3-4 slvs boat neck dbl front 1x1.jpg

rl 3825 poly rayon v neck lace l-s 1x11.jpg 

rl 3805 poly rayon tank top 1x11.jpg

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